Tuesday, 20 August 2013

drug smuggling?

 I have just come started two weeks holiday (yes I know I never go on holiday!!) But it has been a long and very eventful year and I feel in need of a bit of R&R! So with that in mind Bex and I are off on a Spa break for three days then we fly from Glasgow airport to Tunisia for a week!  (yes I’m flying too! Amazing what ordination does for you!) Having said that,  perhaps a break is in order as, last week, I “sleep phoned” Bex at 3 in the morning. I was dreaming I was phoning her, imagine my horror when I realised the phone was actually ringing out in my ear. I quickly hung up hoping she hadn’t heard but of course she woke up and at that time in the morning her first thought was some disaster had befallen the family. I can only say I was not popular next day. That was followed by a night where I ground my teeth so hard I actually loosened the roots!!! A visit to the dentist confirmed my crown was ok but I’d damaged the root! So a couple of weeks of soft food and antibiotic ( the kind where consumption of alcohol at the same time is apparently worse than death!) A week layer I was immensely reassured when Rebekah’s boss (my dentist) said my teeth looked a bit better but in any event, Bex could take some stuff with her when we go on holiday (just in case my crown dropped out!)

Rebekah has, however, vetoed that idea as the cement used  is a fine white powder and she’s not prepared to take the risk of going through customs with that anywhere in her luggage! Hardly the act of a loving daughter!

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