Sunday, 15 September 2013

Weight lifting!

Today we did presbytery Sunday when we all swap about. I went to one of the bigger churches in our nearest ( not a city but bigger than a town) . This particular congregation ( and minister) by their own admission don't like this Sunday. The morning got off to a horrible start we had torrential rain, gales force winds and lots of water on the road. I got road raged by a guy in a motor home who pulled out in front of me gesticulated rudely when I beeped him then tried to intimidate me by tail gating me. Since I was clerically attired I didn't feel it was appropriate to reciprocally retaliate! Anyhow the welcome at church was enthusiastic and very well received. The only challenge was lifting the plate to receive the offering. It is situated in front of the lectern, at the appropriate time the minister lift sit to receive the offering. Well, the minister didn't tell me it weighs a ton!! Once the bags are placed on it is even heavier, there's then a tricky lift up onto the communion table which is on a small dais definately not for the vertically challenged! I did enjoy my visits though and afterwards at the cup of tea I was asked for my phone number by an elderly Italian gentleman who wanted to send me a book of love poems!! Hey ho! A lovely congregation many of whom who took time to remark at the door how God had spoken to them.  Rounded off tonight by a songs of praise, all in all a decent day!

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  1. Yes, that plate does weigh a ton...

    Sounda like it went better than expected - love poems from an Italian...whatever next?