Saturday, 27 April 2013

Final sunday

Well tomorrow should be my final Sunday at my placement providing all goes well with my final appraisal on Monday! Having said that I then have multiple identity problems. I reappear at the same churches in two weeks time doing pulpit supply for three weeks, the if all goes according to plan I'm reinvented later in the year as locum when my supervisor retires! As he put it a couple of weeks ago in the past when students have left they've got rid of them then he mentioned something about a bad penny! I have enjoyed my placement so much in spite of being apprehensive  about leaving my attachment. I've learned a huge amount over the last six months and I can truly see the hand of God  in all that happened. To feel truly supported  and affirmed has been a tremendous blessing to me and the time has flown.  On another subject I was at the funeral of an old friend and contemporary of my old man yesterday. It was a Roman Catholic funeral, the first I'd been to, it was a brilliant service, not only did the priest preach the gospel but he paid fitting and personal tribute to a man who had a deep faith. In many ways it was significantly more meaningful than many funerals I've been at. The liturgy and tradition was very comforting, relevant and honest. I left feeling that not only had I said farewell to a friend but that I'd truly worshipped God too. Of course there was the question of communion at the end  which was sad given that the congregation was about 50/50 but no compromise there but all in all I have to say I enjoyed it.

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