Monday, 29 April 2013

Final Appraisal

I passed! Am so delighted and thrilled, placement completed yesterday. Got a lovely farewell (albeit temporary as I'm back in three weeks doing supply and cover) really nice gift lots of nice encouraging comments. I really thought I wouldn't sleep last night but I read over my learning
Serving convenant, my interim reports and what we'd just sent for final review. The morning didn't start well, I stopped to buy milk on way to the meeting to make tea and coffee and noticed I'd a flat tyre! Of all the days. Rushed into a garage I've never been to before and asked the very young man if he could put some air in the tyre as I'd an interview in half an hour. I drove (fast cos you think if you drie faster you'll get there quicker so lose less air) anyway I did get there and the interview went really well  I reflected on what I'd learned at the placement and also how quickly it had gone, and i passed and proceed to ordination pending result of final essay! I am so chuffed! Tyre repaired ( great big nail) so up and running again. In spite of flat tyre etc. I did feel quite calm so thanks to everyone who prayed for me. To be affirmed and sure you are in Gods will brings peace though must admit, it was a long day yesterday:)

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