Thursday, 1 November 2012

Total R& R

Thanks to my brilliant youngest child and middle child. I've been sent away for a break in the wake of  caring/ bereavement etc. so youngest child and I are at Troon, enjoying total chillaxing. My family have been so supportive over these last months and I know I'm truly blessed. I've thought a lot about how different my life is now. We've actually booked in for an extra day (i could never have done that before I'd have to get back for my oldster) I miss him so much. He encouraged me in everything I did, I bounced ideas off him, we laughed about the scrapes I got into (often in my case) and I always phoned him when I was on my home from wherever I'd been. It's a month tomorrow since he died how long will I feel so bereft and is tis normal. I try to steer my thoughts away from him when I'm on my own as I miss him so much it's like a dead weight.  Everything is tinged a bit with a deep sadness and that makes me feel guilty.  Just realised how positive this blog began and how it developed, sorry folks:(

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