Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pleased to be there

I was struck by a revelation on Sunday as I arrived at my placement. I was really pleased to be there. I have started to really settle in to both congregations and feel at home. In fact on arrival at the first church I was told there was a present for me with my coffee in the vestry. A box of  walnut whips arising from one of my " bits in my own churches news letter!" It's a long story! But I was really touched.  On top of that my supervisor asked about a funeral I'd taken 2 weeks ago and said they'd asked for me again because having buried the wife, the husband has now died and the family want me. To conduct his funeral, talk about continuity.  I mentioned to my supervisor how settled I was feeling yesterday and he agreed that it seems like I've been there forever. So positiv.e thoughts. We also tackled the learning and serving covenant to be in aSAP whew that was a task! Next challenge Advent Assembly at Academy tomorrow my most exacting audience!  And presbytery tomorrow night.


  1. Sounds really great, glad things are going well. Advent at the academy - nice bit of ilieration there!!!

  2. I hadn't even noticed! That remains the most challenging thing I do, catching and holding the attention of 500 kids ( and staff) with a relevant punchy message and getting the Gospel across is always stress inducing. Fortunately I think it went well. Now thoughts turn to the Christmas assembly!