Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A road well travelled

In unravelling my " call" yesterday I came to realise that it goes way back probably to my initial call to Bible College of course at that time I'd have been overwhelmed by such a calling and no where ready to trust God and go for it but the seed was sown and now ready to burst into fruition ( I hope!) reflecting on life changes over the years I'm now on the perfect lace to respond to God fully I now realise and this time of waiting especially recently has mad me look at my faith in a deeper and more reflective way, considering each day how God has spoken to me, opened the scriptures, confirmed He's there rooting for me, have prepared hopefully, and am ready, pressing question now is what to wear, it's all day so you want to be comfortable but at the same time as if you mean business, so major problem here. There's now also so. Much going on on my head I wake in the night with so many thoughts eek, countdown time indeed.

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