Friday, 13 April 2012

God speaks in the strangest places

Had a great meeting this morning just talking through issues relating to my assessment, one interesting point that came up is "
Am I a people pleaser" could be that I am. I need to be more assertive and like Daniel be a God pleaser
Daniel was just a teenager, yet he stood up for his values and didn't compromise in the slightest and most importantly he did it with grace, we're representing God here we don't need to be backed into a corner and " go with the flow" just because we're Christians, we can still lead from the front and bring Godly wisdom and grace into the situation. Felt affirmed and encouraged in a way I haven't for a long time, just need to keep working to address the areas of weakness (tendency to digress etc) and keep focused on the journey and Gods hand on my life. Closing doors opening them, leading me into new things. Scary stuff! But I know He's been with me I can see his hand on my life so I pray all will be well.

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