Monday, 30 April 2012

Blonde or brunette!

So there I am preaching from my heart. A. Message I feel That God has given me thinking the congregation are hanging on my every word, what's the comment that I remember at the door? From all the positive comments about the sermon the comment I remember is the undertaker ( hes a member) saying youve changed your hair, I preferred you as a blonde! So now I have a dilemma are the congregation distracted by my hair, should I cover it or is that a bit extreme and Pentecostal for C of S , butisn't t a shame that that one comment overshadowed all the positive remarks made by people who were genuinely touched by Gods word, it's just a fact that if you're in any form of ministry your fair game for people to comment on your appearance, your clothes and you just have to smile. Hey ho wonder if that's how stars feel when the press slate them on the red carpet. Hopefully though if they feel they know me well enough to be " honest" they'll also trust me enough to believe what I say. Even more bizarre I visited a lady in the last stages of cancer who opened her eyes as I walked in to her room and said you've dyed your hair, maybe a head covering isn't such a bad idea

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