Monday, 24 June 2013

Weddingd out

So I am now totally weddinged out! Had a super day at middle child's wedding so now all my offspring are married though two within a couple of months was a bit much! One of the nice things though was having the whole family ( all ten of us! ) together again so soon, totally unheard of! I must say I did question the wisdom of not taking the Sunday off when I was still up at 2 am! As I left to take the service I heard the youngest child take breakfast orders I was glad I had to go to church:) I was completely thrown when I looked down from the pulpit and spotted amongst the regular worshippers my oldest friend and her husband ( he's the most critical person I know) but I subdued the butterflies leaned back on God and just felt totally supported by the Holy Spirit! It's so true that when we are at our weakest God can use us most. The service went so well, to the point where our new brilliant young organist got so carried away during "for all the saints" he played an extra verse which we all sat down and listened to dont you just love it when theorgaistis so enthralled he gets lost in the moment! The congregation have welcomed me so warmly I feel very much at home and comfortable with them. It's also very humbling but really affirming when they tell you over your cup of tea that the miser on struck a real chord with them. I'm now only two weeks away from ordination and have never felt more convinced of Gods calling on
My life and the responsibility, enormity and privilege. On a lighter note Lucy the dogs dad thought my outfit for the wedding on Saturday would be perfect to wear on the night! Now is this for reason of economy or was he being sincere........

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