Monday, 8 October 2012

Life love laughter

Have been overwhelmed by the letters e mails etc. offering condolences and sharing nod memories of myOld Man. So many residents of our town remember him from Sunday school where he was superintendent for over thirty years
In fact just before he died I told him someone had been asking after him saying she remembered him as her Sunday school teacher and he said what a wonderful thing to be remembered for. And what a wonderful legacy to leave behind. Seeds sown in young lives through years of faithful service to God.   I am struggling with so many conflicting emotions and just feel totally wiped out is this normal, shouldn't I be rejoicing that he's been " called home" not feeling that at all. Am thankful for my family rallying round supporting me. Am supposed to start my placement this Sunday, can't see that happening. He was my encourager, best supporter, my adviser my confidante and the best friend I ever had he made me laugh he loved life and noemi rambling. Goodnight fellow bloggers

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