Sunday, 21 October 2012

First Sunday

Started at my probationary placement today, which was strange as its a church I've done supply in many times, to be back as a "student" was odd. They were very welcoming to the extent that some f them hoped I'd be their locus when their present minister retires next year,  very flattering for me!  We did a short explanation as to why I'm there etc. but what most people commented on was the fact that I'm brunette now and I've always been blonde!  So much for hanging on every word of my sermons!! It's strange to be back in a supervised role after being responsible for leaving worship solo for last six years. It was also first time I'd been back without my Oldster keeping me company so that was sad. Miss his company on my journeys:(  meeting for feedback/planning etc. with supervisor this week, think we'll get on fine, and so the journey begins. A mixture of excitement that at last I'm up and running again tinged with sadness and loss, at the moment everything is veiled in a sadness that's almost tangible. I'm  in the grip of a restlessness  that I can't get to the root of , think I need to take to heart the scripture verse "  Be still and know that I am God" meantime I've a Bible Study to organise on the first chapter of Mark for this Tuesday. Apart from that, had a monumental walk with  youngest child and middle child, got lost and ended up walking from our village to the next town through the forest and Lucy the dogs dad having to come and collect us. Great walk though:)

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  1. Glad is sounds like the congregation are supportive. I hope the placement goes well for you. Remember, though you have lots of leading worship experience, the OLM role is more than that (though from what you've said here, you've done much of that too).

    God's got your back, even when it doesn't feel like it. Hold onto that, it's what gets me through a lot of the time too.