Thursday, 30 May 2013


So I'm going to say this calmly and with serenity and dignity. THE DATES BEEN SET FOR MY ORDINATION!! Did I really scream that? I am so excited. Subject to presbytery approval at the end if June my ordination will take  place on July 10th. Excited and scared and still can't believe that I'm going to be a minister of word and sacrament, how did that happen. And at the same time there's areal  sense of peace and Gods affirmation of my call and I know He who has been so faithful in bringing me this far will journey on with me. On a more practical level. I've no idea what I should wear. As a reader I've always just worn normal clothes, but a colleague has advised me to wear a clerical shirt / robes as appropriate to circumstances( definately never to the supermarket) to define my new role. Mmm still not sure and I think I'd feel a bit of a tit. I'm really short (really short) and small. anyway need to ponder that. Can this year become any more exciting 2 weddings and an ordination!

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  1. Cool.

    Robes - they are made to measure, so your height won't be a problem. They are a great way of allowing you to wear what you like (I have come to realise) underneath - handy for a quick get-away. The 1ordination I have been too, the minister only got their robes following it, as a gift from the congregation.

    Clerical shirt - it is a 'badge' of the role, so might be worth wearing one to ordination. Sometimes it is necessary to be sensitive to the views of those we will serve, not just our own feelings.