Thursday, 22 March 2012

The ongoing journey

So here I am still on a journey that began some years ago, it's a journey that's taken twists and turns, stops and starts and now I'm at a junction again, I've been here before at a scary place sure that God was with me and what happened then? I hit a wall a great big wall, sure I'm bruised but not broken beaten but not defeated and now it's time to set the sat nav again and get ack on the road.


  1. God seems to be challenging me to " be real"
    Be bold about your weaknesses and you will change people's lives. Be honest about who you actually are and others will be themselves. With you. When we are real it encourages. People. To open up. People are. Desperate to talk. Some of the. Most " perfect " people around you will talk about their greatest struggles
    Some of the " strongest " people will break down in tears as. They share their lives. Difficulties. It turns out that the most " perfect" people, around us are human beings after all and. Are. Dying to talk to another. Human being about it.
    That's what love is all about showing yourself. " I went out to find a friend and couldn't find one there. I went out to be a friend and friends were everywhere" Someone who's. Being a friend doesn't spread " perfection" Someone who's being a friend spreads " real". Then, and only then
    , Can we all grow together I hope I am real but if that's something I need to work on then here I am Lord

  2. Don't know if I'm doing this blogging thing right or not, listened to sermon on the emmaus road ( not literally) but was challenged by the thought am I tuned in enough to hear what God is saying and to act upon it. Was directed to samuel chapter 3 where God is calling him in the night to pass his word to Eli its a scary word to pass on but Samuel is faithful in his calling in spite f having to move well out of his comfort zone. I wake. Lot in the night and often think about what Gods saying to me just like Samuel
    m sooo comfy where I am,But is God calling me to a wider work? Alli can say is Here I am Lord.